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Formerly from the main home page, this blog keeps track of major administration changes within this site.
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By rdo il Sab 01 Jul, 2006 09:22 CET

Back online

Router dead on June 29th. Replaced this morning with an apparently better one, hoping not to miss anything of the STS-121 mission launch. biggrin Go, Discovery, go!!!

By rdo il Lun 26 Jun, 2006 19:37 CET

Major refit


By rdo il Dom 28 Maggio, 2006 16:09 CET

Name split

Starting today, the name is reserved for personal contents, along with HTTPS access. The public Vespucci contents will stay under the name

By rdo il Lun 22 Maggio, 2006 21:41 CET

Back online

Just a few days of pause to design an appealing look and place the first contents. Stay tuned, more is coming.

By rdo il Gio 18 Maggio, 2006 09:07 CET

Phase III

Production? Huh-huh. This requires some days to get the spare time to put in place the necessary adjustments. Might be back online within 20/5. Some clickable words have gone, but who cares; some tech tools might get back later, once properly integrated within the Wiki.

By rdo il Mer 17 Maggio, 2006 07:55 CET

Experimental Phase II

26/03/2006 - reinstalled the Vespucci as replacement of the former HAL9000 server (experimental phase II begins here); ssh and telnet accounts restored from previous machine, activated HTTP. How good Linux works practically identical to itself on a wide range of different hardware architectures! HAL9000 was a HP-PA D210 server, the Vespucci is a smaller and more comfortable UltraSPARC 5!
27/03/2006 - local firewalling with different syntax restored
03/04/2006 - discovered cause for some frequent physical knockouts - expected resolution within 9/4/2006
04/04/2006 - public name changed from into because of provider kaputt
05/04/2006 - triggered abuse policy for --sorry,
06/04/2006 - changed update policy for, in order not to abuse
06/04/2006 - obscured results for traceroute function
06/04/2006 - For everybody still wondering: YES, the nth SSH worm is on the run. Some people have put together a thing which tries to brute-force an access, based on dictionary words. I have the logs full of that. Just choose good passwords, and nothing shall happen at all.
08/04/2006 - solved problem of physical knockouts, shall not happen anymore
10/04/2006 - FTP service restored
13/04/2006 - you can now browse man pages from the website just by clicking on a command name! (how weird man doesn't come out in pure ASCII; it's the info command which does)
16/04/2006 - found attempts to CONNECT via HTTP through this machine no, this is no open proxy, har har har!
17/04/2006 - added spamfuck subroutine within the homepage because the dish of revenge is frozen cold, har har har!
04/05/2006 - restore updating of name as the Christmas Islands provider is online again; both names will coexist for the same system
06/05/2006 - the BOFH's revenge: a fake xmlrpc page which should annoy worms. :)
16/05/2006 - new stylesheet; installed TikiWiki for a powerful CMS - this marks end of Experimental Phase II

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