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Formerly from the main home page, this blog keeps track of major administration changes within this site.
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By rdo il Gio 14 Jun, 2007 20:55 CET

Yes, there was a broken link

In the fuffa (stub) page. Fixed. Sorry.
By rdo il Mar 10 Apr, 2007 19:11 CET

System upgrade

Debian 4 ROCKS!
By rdo il Ven 06 Oct, 2006 20:54 CET

Software upgrade

Tiki and others were upgraded. Not bad, for a zero budget software framework...

By rdo il Mar 26 Sep, 2006 19:02 CET

Scheduled downtime

Will occur on September 29th, since 11AM CEST, for about seven hours.

By rdo il Mar 19 Sep, 2006 18:42 CET


Aye, the Christmas Island pro'ider is down again, gar! I'll lea'e the name t' the sharks, gar!

By rdo il Dom 17 Sep, 2006 12:58 CET

Solved some visibility problems

Sorry for the inconvenience. Service shall go on with more continuity, from this moment on.
By rdo il Mar 05 Sep, 2006 19:08 CET

Phase IV: Second production phase

Yashima enters public service today. Shortest waits between pages, and possibly more. Sorry for dismantling public services like FTP and Telnet. They might rise up again on a different machine, one day.

By rdo il Mer 23 Aug, 2006 21:49 CET

Shutdown of all shell/mail/ftp accounts

Increasing internal tasks, along with the necessity of keeping performances high, are suggesting shifting every public service on a more powerful unit named Yashima. Indeed, because the Yashima is too much a mainstream unit and might be called to replace machines which now are separate, functions aggregation will not allow further public usage of some services, because of security and simplicity requirements. As SSH/Telnet, FTP and mail accounts, offered until now, were rarely used, they will be discontinued. Beginning now the transition phase, no further accounts will be activated. After honorable service, the Vespucci is planned to be recommissioned for other missions within the local computers fleet. Web services are the primary goal and will continue anyway.

Un maggior numero di funzioni interne, assieme alla necessita' di mantenere alte le prestazioni, suggeriscono di spostare ogni servizio pubblico su un'altra unita' piu' potente chiamata "Yashima". Tuttavia, poiche la Yashima e' una unita' troppo standard e verrebbe chiamata a rimpiazzare macchine oggi separate, l'aggregazione delle funzioni non permettera' l'uso di alcuni servizi da parte del pubblico, per requisiti di sicurezza e semplicita'. Gli account validi per SSH/Telnet, FTP e posta finora messi a disposizione sono stati usati di rado e verranno dismessi. Non saranno, pertanto, attivati nuovi account da ora. Dopo un servizio onorevole, la "Vespucci" sara' destinata ad altre missioni all'interno della flotta locale di computer. I servizi web continueranno in ogni caso, in quanto obiettivo primario.

September, 4mail service for users other than "rdo"
September, 5user-wise HTTP (Yashima will take over port 80), SSH
September, 8complete shutdown: telnet, FTP

By rdo il Sab 15 Jul, 2006 20:10 CET

Another refit


Yeah! The sister unit Colombo and the prototype unit Caboto enjoyed the same refit. This makes these units reach their physical limit, as well as freeing up pieces for minor machines.

By rdo il Sab 08 Jul, 2006 23:27 CET

Ion storms ahead

Communications may be disrupted (well, they've already been). Hopefully, not the main systems, but you never know. If you don't find the Vespucci online, try later.

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