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Formerly from the main home page, this blog keeps track of major administration changes within this site.
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By rdo il Mer 29 Jul, 2009 06:15 CET

Planned downtime

There will be maintenance on Thursday, July 30th, beginning 08:30am CET, and on Friday, July 31st, beginning 01:30pm. Thanks for your patience.

Ci sara' manutenzione Giovedi' 30 Luglio a partire dalle 8.30 e Venerdi' 31 Luglio a partire dalle 13.30. Grazie per la pazienza.

By rdo il Sab 18 Apr, 2009 10:02 CET

Site optimizations

Videos are now static, out of the database; and there are two more, now.
By rdo il Gio 23 Oct, 2008 17:15 CET

Planned downtime

Since october 24th, 11.15 CET, a few hours long, the Yashima won't be visible for power lines maintenance.
By rdo il Sab 20 Sep, 2008 14:48 CET

Another year, another downtime

Another warp core blown, actually (this makes three of them, and four impulse engines). At this time, the USS Yashima is running with a (known unstable) spare warp core, so we may disappear from your sight without further advice. This server's visibility is supposed to return to normal within about 96 hours, as long as a stable warp core is found and installed. The Captain apologizes for the inconvenience.
By rdo il Lun 04 Aug, 2008 17:10 CET

Solved some visibility problems

It's harder and harder to find a reliable web service telling you what is your IP address. It's necessary while having a dynamic webserver behind a NATting router.
By rdo il Mer 25 Jun, 2008 20:26 CET

Planned downtime

Questo sistema sara' spento il 26 Giugno 2008 per manutenzione alle linee elettriche.

This system will be shut down on June 26, 2008, for power lines maintenance.
By rdo il Mar 18 Mar, 2008 21:22 CET

Planned downtime

Service will be shut down on March 20 for power lines maintenance.
By rdo il Mar 30 Oct, 2007 19:51 CET

Guest stars

Norman Zoia and friends have their pages here.
By rdo il Mar 24 Jul, 2007 19:08 CET


Another broken link was fixed. Sorry, again. Yes, I do read service logs at times... wink
By rdo il Mer 11 Jul, 2007 19:14 CET

Visibility problems should be finally over

Another year, another ADSL router. sad
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