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Formerly from the main home page, this blog keeps track of major administration changes within this site.
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By rdo il Ven 10 Jun, 2011 20:31 CET

Systems outage

A scheduled maintenance on power lines has caused an unknown blocking effect on the Uninterruptible Power Supplies here, with a nasty alarm sound which forced to take back down everything for further intervention.
Precise causes can't be investigated because the Captain wasn't on board, and couldn't get back until the UPS's were (as flawlessly as unexpectedly) powered back on.
The systems were offline since June 8th, 10:45 CEST, until today June 10th, 21:20 CEST.
By rdo il Sab 11 Sep, 2010 18:59 CET

Easier access to the guest stars' sites

Da oggi gli ospiti hanno una scorciatoia per l'accesso veloce ai propri siti, grazie al provider

Thanks to the provider, guest stars have a shortcut for a faster access to their sites.
By rdo il Sab 28 Aug, 2010 15:44 CET

Name change

The DYN.COM Internet provider are going to SHUT DOWN their free service. At some moment, the names and won't be anymore available on the Internet, thus affecting all collateral services like e-mail to this system's webmaster.

Il provider DYN.COM sta per SPEGNERE i propri servizi gratuiti. Percio', ad un certo punto il nome e il nome potranno non essere piu' raggiungibili sulla rete Internet, con effetti su tutti i servizi collegati come l'invio di posta al webmaster di questo sistema.
By rdo il Gio 15 Apr, 2010 21:20 CET

Video section redesigned

Finally, all videos are available like on Youtube(TM), by viewing them within the web site.
By rdo il Lun 22 Mar, 2010 12:44 CET

Today's malfunction

Was due to a boot glitch after a power spike from the cow cattlers around here (quite a usual phenomenon) has triggered a security switch, thus shutting down main power. It was early in the morning, Zulu time; so the main and backup UPS' were drained, too. Sorry, folks: even the captain has to sleep sometimes.
By rdo il Sab 05 Dec, 2009 23:03 CET

Fixed sites gallery

Everything is back from the previous site. Searchmash has gone the way of the dinosaur, so I added Wolfram Alpha (which is alive+kikkin').
By rdo il Sab 05 Dec, 2009 22:04 CET

More image galleries

Pictures from some... months ago.
By rdo il Sab 28 Nov, 2009 10:59 CET

Service emblem added in homepage

Actually, the anniversary was May 19th. Not bad, as a tardis.
By rdo il Ven 27 Nov, 2009 18:44 CET

Most image galleries' setup has changed

The basic idea is to make them easier to manage. The current setup takes advantage of the current TikiWiki features.
By rdo il Gio 06 Aug, 2009 17:44 CET

New "anything"

We changed everything to change nothing. Different hardware (a downgrade, actually), different software (Debian 5 + PHP 5 + MySQL 5 + Tiki 3.1), different architecture (after playing a lot with QEMU, this is a virtual machine). Even the theme is different. smile

Abbiamo cambiato tutto per non cambiare niente. Diverso hardware (un ridimensionamento, veramente), diverso software (Debian 5 + PHP 5 + MySQL 5 + Tiki 3.1), diversa architettura (dopo aver giocato un sacco con QEMU, questa e' una macchina virtuale). Anche l'aspetto grafico e' diverso. smile
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